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electroNET computers is now online! This site has been going through a lot of development and is now completed. electroNET computers provides full step-by-step tutorials in repairing your PC. We currently have articles on diagnosing your PC, cleaning viruses and spyware, installing Windows and more. Articles about Linux Servers, networking, building your own PC, etc. are currently being developed and will be updated as they get completed. Click here to go to electroNET computers and check out the new website!

I have added some new schematics, so make sure you check them out. I have also added a tutorial for printing the Eagle PCB files, and tutorials on etching the boards are also coming soon. Click here or go to "Tips and Tricks" for a link to the tutorial.

New Tutorials:
How to print Eagle BRD Files

New Schematics:
NEW - LM3875 stereo 56W amp module
LM3886 68W amplifier
LM317 Variable 1.2-35VDC Power Supply

Coming Soon:

•The Complete Projects section - including a stereo amp, subwoofer, and hopefully more.

• Tutorial on how to create your own PCBs using a laser printer and paper from your local copy store.

And more stuff.


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• 6/12/04 - We have now officially moved to the new server, and have set up our old page to redirect here.

• 8/8/05 - Our server was down all yesterday and this morning for a hard drive upgrade. We apologize for an inconveniences this may have caused.

• 11/19/05 - We have finished switching our servers and apologize for the downtime you may have recently experienced.

• 1/18/08 - Site is beginning a major update and rewrite of many articles.

• 2/21/08 - electroNET computers launched.